Program Certification

Evaluation Procedure for Program Certification
of the Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science

1. The Program Coordinator (“the Coordinator”) must notify L5 students (final year students enrolled in the 5-year program) of their eligibility for receiving the evaluation, which is necessary for obtaining program certification upon completion of the program.

2. The PWS student who has been notified of their eligibility must then submit a PWS Program Final Evaluation Request Form (“Request Form”) to the Coordinator via PWS Office.

3. After receiving the Request Form from the student, the Coordinator shall set up a PWS Final Evaluation Committee consisting of five members in order to evaluate the student's overall achievement. The student may recommend two committee members, while the Coordinator shall appoint the committee members during a PWS Faculty Meeting.

4. Students who have submitted a Request Form must present their research at the next International Symposium on Primatology and Wildlife Science (PWS Annual Symposium or Interim Symposium), which takes place approximately 6 months before graduation. At each symposium, the respective PWS Final Evaluation Committee shall evaluate the student’s overall achievement and decide whether or not s/he satisfies the certification criteria, in compliance with the Regulations for Program Certification. This evaluation shall be made independently of the dissertation defense conducted by the Graduate School of Science.

5. Reports of the monthly interviews held after the Symposium (stated in 4) will also be considered for the evaluation.

6. The PWS Final Evaluation Committee must report a summary of the evaluation at a PWS Faculty meeting.

7. During a PWS Faculty Meeting, the faculty shall decide whether or not to grant certification to the student. In principle, the faculty shall make a decision at the Faculty Meeting one month prior to student’s prospective graduation (i.e., at the February meeting for students graduating in March, and at the August meeting for students graduating in September).

8. The Coordinator shall report their decision (stated in 7) to 大学院横断教育プログラム運営委員会.

Approved by PWS Faculty Meeting: February 12, 2016