Joint Seminar of Asura International Seminar and WRC Seminar

Color Perception of Female Color Blind Gene Carrier Macaca fascicularis

Date & Time

October 10, 2018. 13:30-


Wildlife Research Center B1 floor

Kanthi Arum Widayati

Color Perception of Female Color Blind Gene Carrier Macaca fascicularis
Female carriers of X chromosome-linked color vision deficiency exhibit mild abnormality, while dichromats show a distinct deficiency in discriminating certain color pairs. Dichromats have an advantage to detect a textured target when it is camouflaged by red-green colors due to the insensitivity to these colors. However, it is not certain whether the carriers possess a similar advantage for those breaking camouflage. Here we introduce the animal model of dichromatic macaque monkeys and female carriers. We examined whether the carrier females have the same advantage in breaking color camouflage as shown by dichromatic macaques. We also tested if they could discriminate a certain color pair that the trichromats could discriminate but the dichromats confused. Our experiments showed that the carrier macaques were able to break color camouflage as good as the dichromats, and that they could discriminate colors the same as the trichromats.