The 10th International Symposium
on Primatology and Wildlife Science

- The 10th Anniversary of Wildlife Research Center -
Many thanks to all the participants of the 10th International Symposium on Primatology and Wildlife Science.
September 22-24, 2018
Science Seminar House, North Campus of Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University
Program and Abstracts
Award Winners
Oral Presentation
1st Prize:
"The understanding of body structures in chimpanzees"

2nd Prize:
Kazuya TODA
"Social and Sexual Development up to Natal Dispersal in Female Bonobos"

3rd Prize:
Nachiketha SHARMA
"Eavesdropping on elephants: How and what do Asian elephants talk with each other?"

Poster Presentation
1st Prize:
Xiaochan YAN
"Characterization of bitter taste sensitivity of four species of Sulawesi Macaques"

2nd Prize:
Annegret Moto NAITO
"Vocalizations of a new population in an avian ring species & research plan for the conservation genetics of the Japanese golden eagle"

3rd Prize:
"Spatial representation of age in chimpanzees"

22nd September (Sat)
12:00- Registration Open
13:00- Opening Remarks by Prof. Matsuzawa
WRC 10th Anniversary Special Event Ⅰ Chair: Satoshi Hirata
[10min] x 4 Satoshi Hirata, Yutaro Sato, Kristin Havercamp, Sota Inoue
14:00- Field and Laboratory Studies on Primate Species Ⅰ Chair: Lira Yu
[20min, Final report] Jie Liu; [10min] x 4 Raquel Costa, Shohei Shibata, Jie Gao, André Gonçalves
15:00- Coffee Break
Invited Talks by New PWS members Chair: Yuko Hattori
[15min] x 6 Lucie Rigaill, Sayuri Takeshita, Kanthi Widayati, Kaoru Sekiyama, Eriko Kawai, Yoshihiro Kawai
Enrichment Studies and an Invitation to the 14th ICEE Chair: Yumi Yamanashi
[15min] Yumi Yamanashi; [10min] Momoko Oka, Nelson Broche, Josue Pastrana
Poster Session/PWS Entrance Examinations

23rd September (Sun)
9:00- WRC 10th Anniversary Special Event Ⅱ Chair: Shiro Koshima
[10min] Shiro Koshima; [20min, Final report] Nachiketha Sharma, Kei Matsushima
Coffee Break [Group Photo]
10:00- Penguins, in Full Color Chair: Andrew MacIntosh
[30min] Lloyd Davis; [20min] x 3 Andrew MacIntosh, Jean-Baptiste Thiebot, Takashi Yamamoto
11:30- Lunch Break
13:00- Workshop on Science Communication
Wiebke Finkler and Lloyd Spencer Davis
16:00- Coffee Break
16:30- Field and Laboratory studies on Wild Mammals Chair: Takushi Kishida
[20min, Final report] Aya Yokotsuka, Kazuya Toda; [15min] Takashi Hayakawa
Poster Session/PWS Entrance Examinations
(Voting for Best Oral and Poster presentations will be closed)
Get-together Party

24th September (Mon)
9:00- PWS Faculty meeting
Poster Award Presenters Chair: Lucie Rigaill
[10min x 3]
Field and Laboratory Studies on Primate Species Ⅱ Chair: Yuta Shintaku
[15min] x 3 Maciej Trojan, Tomoyuki Tajima, Henry Bernard
10:30- WRC 10th Anniversary Special Event Ⅲ Chair: Miho Murayama
[10min] Miho Murayama; [15min] x 4 Fred Bercovitch, Claire Watson, David Hill, Takushi Kishida
Closing Remarks by Prof. Matsuzawa
Lunch Seminar (Ministry of the Environment) Chair: Seiko Fukushima
Yuko Tawa, Saeko Terada
"Last of the Longnecks"


The deadline for online registration and abstract submission has passed.

Registration deadline: August 31, 2018
Please [click here] to access the online registration form. Changes to your entered information can be made at any time up until the deadline. To help the PWS office to estimate the number of participants, please register as soon as possible. We appreciate your cooperation. Presentation titles and abstracts can be added after initial registration has been completed.
9/22 94人(うち外国人 41人); 9/23 95人(うち外国人 42人); 9/24 88人(うち外国人 42人)