The 11th International Symposium
on Primatology and Wildlife Science

March 1-2-3, 2019
Science Seminar House, North Campus of Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University
Program and Abstracts
Award Winners
Oral Presentation
1st Prize:
"Multi-level structure in feral horse society: Evidence from the aerial observation from drones"

2nd Prize:
"Estimation of force working among individuals in feral horses"

3rd Prize:
"Fission and Aggression among Male Chimpanzees in Kalinzu Forest Reserve, Republic of Uganda"

Poster Presentation
1st Prize:
"Understanding Community People's Perception of Animals Living in Protected Areas: A Case of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda"

2nd Prize:
"Self-domestication, Groupmindedness, and the Evolution of Cooperation: Comparative Studies with Coyotes, Bonobos, and Chimpanzees"

"Dietary adaptation of leopards in Mahale, Tanzania."

Nachiketha SHARMA
"Insights on low-frequency (rumbles) vocalizations in free-ranging Asian elephants"

1st March (Fri)
12:00- Registration Open
13:00- Opening Remarks by Prof. Matsuzawa Equinology: A Case from Primatology to Wildlife Science
13:30- Comparative Cognitive Science Chair: Yuko Hattori
[40min] Christain Rutz; [15min] x 4 Shenwen Xu, Hiroya Takiyama, Yuri Kawaguchi, Morgane Alanic
15:15- Coffee Break
15:45- Wildlife Genomics Chair: Takashi Hayakawa
[40 min] Rebecca Johnson; [15 min] x 3 Takashi Hayakawa, Takushi Kishida, Yu Sato
17:15- Sustainable Development Goals Chair: Lira Yu
[30min] Masahiko Horie
Poster Session/PWS Entrance Examinations
2nd March (Sat)
09:00- From Field to Laboratory Chair: Andrew MacIntosh
[15min] x 4 Josue Pastrana, Himani Nautiyal, Shintaro Ishizuka, Xioachan Yan; [30min] Susumu Tomiya
10:30- Coffee Break
10:45- Ecology and Sociology Chair: Yuta Shintaku
[15min] x 4 Maegan Fitzgerald, Liu Jie, Shohei Shibata, Raquel Costa
11:45- Lunch Break
13:00- Equinology Chair: Satoshi Hirata
[15 min] x 5 Shinya Yamamoto, Monami Ringhofer, Tamao Maeda, Pandora Pinto, Sota Inoue; [15 min] Renata Mendonça; [40 min] Francisco Alvares
15:15- Group Photo
15:30- Coffee Break
15:45- [40 min] Yuki Konagaya; [40 min] Carlos Pereira; [15 min] x 3 Masaki Tomonaga, Sakiho Ochi, Miho Murayama
Poster Session/PWS Entrance Examinations
(voting for Best Oral and Poster presentations will be closed)
Get-together Party (light meal)
3rd March (Sun)
09:00- Wildlife Studies in Brazil Chair: Shiro Kohshima
[40 min]] Shiro Kohshima; [30 min] Takakazu Yumoto; [15 min] Tsuneaki Yabe; [15 min] Daisuke Muramatsu;
10:45- Coffee Break
11:00- [40 min] Karen Strier
11:45- Environmental Enrichment
[15min] Yumi Yamanashi
12:15- Closing Remarks by Prof. Matsuzawa
12:30- PWS Faculty Meeting
14:00- Buddha Seminar (Ministry of the Environment)
Seiko Fukushima, Yuko Tawa
Organizing Committee of the ICEE2019


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3/1:100名(うち外国人36名), 3/2:112名(うち外国人38名), 3/3: 89名(うち外国人31名)